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Xbox Edge Scoring Explanation

Here at XboxEdge.com we want to provide our readers with a clear review scoring system. We don't break our reviews down into several categories like other sites, instead we try to judge games based on their overall product and presentaion. We understand that any rating system, whether it be out of 10, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, seven bags of trash, are all arbitrary and cannot help being influenced by the bias of the reviewer.

That is why we put more of an emphasis on the written review itself over the final review score. We hope that you find a reviewer whose tastes and standards are in line with your own, so that their reviews have greater bearing upon your opinion. We're trying to straddle the line between consciously providing product reviews and just simply talking about our opinions of a game, the same way we would with a friend.

Five Stars ( Outstanding)

While no game is perfect, some only have minor flaws that can be overlooked by most because of their vast accomplishments in other areas of the game. Those few games that attain a score of five stars are those that will maintain their level brilliance and allure well after the game has been released. These games are a must play by any gamer whether you are a fan of the genre or not.


Four And A Half Stars (Awesome)

A score of 4.5 secures a game's bragging rights as one of the best games recently released. These games indeed can boast that they are great, exceptional and are standout games. They may have a few flaws but they do not detract from the overall game experience. 4.5 stars are games that should be played multiple times by anyone who owns an Xbox 360.

Four Stars (Great Game)

While a four star game may not share the same level of quality as those games that attained a higher score, they are by no means a game that shouldn’t be played. Four star games are always still a lot of fun to play and will leave memorable experiences with gamers.

Three And A Half Stars (Decent)

Games that receive this score may have some shortcomings that constrain them from achieving greatness but there is enough fun to be had with them that we still recommend you check them out. Not all games have big budgets behind them to afford top production value but the game’s soul is still notable and we enjoyed the labor of love the developers put into these titles.

Three Stars (Acceptable)

Three star games have a few areas where they shine but are often weighted down by other aspects of the game. These are the types of games where we put “If you like x genre of game, you may actually enjoy this game”. These games are good enough that some people may find them enjoyable, if they can look past its ugly exterior.

Two And A Half Stars (Meh At Best)

These are the types of games you play and forget. There is nothing notable, innovative or outstanding about the game and they don’t usually come close to trying to push the boundaries in any one area. They are the type of game that while playing you look forward to an invitation from a friend to play something else.


Two Stars (Yuck)

Games in the 2 star range are those that are purchased by people because the box art looks cool. It is only when they actually play the game that they realize how poor the game actually is. Typically if you never play a game ranked 2 stars or less you could live your life and die without any regrets.

One And A Half Stars (Terrible)

Games ranked this low do not deserve an ounce of attention. They will more often than not suffer from major technical issues that cripple your experience with them. We recommend avoiding these games at all costs.




One Star (Abysmal)

Laughably bad to the point where you wonder why they even put this onto the market. Isn’t it someone’s job to quality test these titles? Doesn’t someone’s lively hood depend on its success? These games consist of almost entirely what one would define as flaws with no redeeming qualities.




Half Star (Why Does This Exist?)

Read the description of the five star games except think of the exact opposite. You should never use your hard earned dollars to buy, let alone rent this kind of game. You should only play these games if you are being paid to do so, which would still be more unbearable than your worst job.

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