Monday May 04

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Hands On


After being faced with cancellation, Metal Gear Rising is back with a vengeance!  The Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo has become available to those who purchased a copy of the Zone of Enders HD Collection.

Kojima Productions ran into some trouble fine tuning the gameplay and mechanics of Revengeance and ultimately decided to hand over certain aspects of the game to Bayonetta’s developer, Platinum Games. The choice to hand off development couldn’t have been easy but may ultimately end up being the right decision. In just mere minutes of diving right into the new demo I was hacking and slashing my way through a world that was familiar yet foreign.  The cinematics, character interactions and environment were reminiscent of the Metal Gear world, yet being able to control Raiden’s blade through all sorts of different enemies and fruit was truly amazing.


The demo began with a VR (Virtual Reality) training tutorial which taught us how to control “blade mode,” the main move Raiden will use to precisely cut through enemies, retrieve health and find an enemy’s critical hit zone.  The first time I cut through an enemy and retrieved electrolytes (the main energy for Raiden’s health and power) was very exciting and truly made me feel like I was the ninja we all fell in love with during Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4).  As I travelled through the demo I noticed that despite the game’s emphasis on hack and slash, it offers players a chance to take a stealth approach to overcome obstacles.

During a scenario where I had to save a citizen that was being held captive by Desperado Enforcement enemy troops, I took a direct approach and immediately targeted those restraining him.  I soon found out it was a mistake as I was blown away by the soldier’s friends perched above with rocket launchers.  When round two came around I took a different approach and utilized Augment Mode (similar to Batman’s detective mode from Arkham Asylum) to locate the two enemies that had blown me up before, silently killing them both from behind while swiftly disposing of the remaining enemies and saving the hostage.  I was then awarded a score with a ranking for my performance.  Each stage is divided into sections which ranks performance and offers rewards based on how quickly and efficiently you kill your enemies.


In the next stage I was pitted against a Gekko, the loving, cow sounding, and two legged tank from MGS 4.  The Gekkos were difficult at first because cyber soldiers were constantly shooting at me as I was trying to bring down the giant cow.  However, once the soldiers were destroyed, I quickly learned that in order to destroy the Gekko you have to target its upper body to do the most damage.  If enough damage was done and a slice was delivered to its critical hit zone, it would trigger a command to deliver a flashy cinematic final blow.

After this stage, I peered ahead and noticed a large amount of enemies which I had to get past in order to get to a door to move on with the stage.  Using Augment Mode I stayed out of enemy sight and was able to avoid several Gekkos using stealth that would have made Solid Snake proud.  When I moved beyond that stage without a scratch I soon was introduced to my first boss fight, F Prototype LQ-84i K-9000, also known as the Bladewolf.  After multiple attempts at trying to defeat it I was quickly reminded how frustrating Metal Gear bosses are and how much I love this series.  With each attempt I broke down Bladewolf a little more learning how to effectively deal damage to it.  After the final blow was delivered it was extremely satisfying and made me cry out for more.  Kojima made a wise decision putting Platinum Studios at the center of Revengeance and I can’t wait to play and fully review it in February, 2013.  Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in our comments section below!

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