Thursday May 28

Definance Renewed for a Second Season


SyFy has renewed their new Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic TV show, Defiance for another thirteen episode order that will air in 2014. The renewal comes just four episodes deep into the record breaking series' run.

Along side the success of the TV show, Defiance's video game counter part is also getting some love. Trion Worlds has announced that they plan to expand their game world with five additional downloadable content packs due out before the end of 2013.The first of which is said to introduce a new alien race, the Castithan to the world.

The first update will set players back $10 and unlock the new playable Castithan characters along with a new storyline mission and battle arena game mode.The update will also bring new pursuits, a charge weapons starter pack and a four person "Truck of Doom." The update will also add new Xbox 360 achievements to the title.

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