Thursday May 28

New Gears of War game detailed


Yesterday we told you about a new Gears of War game that is going to be on the cover of the next Game Informer issue and at Microsoft's E3 Conference, well now more information has gotten out ahead of the official announcement. First off People Can Fly, the devs behind Bulletstorm, may be the people working on the game according to a Twitter reply. With People Can Fly previously reported to be pulled off of a Bulletstorm sequel for a new secret project and Epic working on Unreal Engine 4 and mostly like a new next gen title it makes sense.

The Game Informer issue cover have also now been released showing off a younger looking Baird and Cole, both in cuffs. The covers also revealed the game's title Gears of War: Judgement.

Lastly IGN has received information on the game's story from an anonymous source.

"Baird, Cole, Garron and Sofia, the four members of Gears of War: Judgement's Kilo squad, have been charged with treason because they didn't follow orders, stole equipment and their actions could end up killing millions of people they swore to protect," says the source.

The game will take place a couple years after Emergence Day which would have been 14 years before the first Gears of War game which is why Barid and Cole look so young in the photos.

Look for the full reveal on Monday during Microsoft's Press Conference.


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